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Meet the Maker

Tia Tumminello

Hello! I'm Tia Tumminello, founder and broom maker behind Husk Brooms.

Each broom is individually crafted in my Pittsburgh, PA home studio. A place I often visit is a beach town along the shores of  Lake Erie. There is where I spend afternoons walking the shoreline collecting driftwood for broom handles, sculptures, taking note of colors and textures.  These sacred walks of gathering materials and inspiration are woven into my broom making process. Broom making came into my life organically by admiring a friend's shaker broom. Inspired by other traditional crafts, I instantly found joy in broom making and all its various needs: handling, weaving, tension, sewing, cutting etc. Eager to create, I find solace in production, working with my hands and can assure a quality and lasting product every time. I'm grateful to have started a business that harmonizes my various passions and honored to be able to carry on this traditional skill. 

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Husk Broom's mission is to preserve and educate others about the traditional skill of broom making for a sustainable future. To shift away from plastic tools in homes and sacred spaces with the enduring and resourcefulness of natural materials. Each broom is unique and can be individually crafted to fit your specific needs. 

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