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Broom Care

Here is where you'll find general guidelines to ensure the longevity of your broom or brush. Sustainability is important to us, and my goal is for these brooms to remain functional for years to come.

Below are tips suggested for extended use and care. 

Broom Storage

Brooms should be hung when not is use to ensure the fiber ends don't buckle and curve under their own weight. This is especially true with Tampico brushes seen here. These fibers are too soft to stand on their own and can easily morph when stored improperly. 

Broomcorn sweepers are more rigid and can stand on their own for reasonable periods but will start to curve over time. For best practices we suggest storing brooms and brushes off their bristles.

broom care, cleaning tips

Cleaning Tips

Broomcorn can endure outside usage and light water contact. If broomcorn becomes wet, pat dry with towel and hang overnight so it does not morph when wet. 

Over time broomcorn ends can be cut with scissors if they become brittle or curved.

Tampico should also be cared for in the same way. Pat dry, hang overnight to remain its shape.


A 3part water/1part vinegar solution can be sprayed on the fiber to reduce smells and general sanitation. I also use this solution on couches, fiber placemats and vintage clothing! Essential oils can be added for specific scents. 

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