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Camp Broomcorn is in session!


Join us for an afternoon of broom making and 90’s camp nostalgia. Learn to make a traditional style hens wing hand broom adorned with cute charms and a friendship bracelet as the hanging loop.

Step back in time when Surge was available at Giant Eagle, Backstreet Boys was on the

radio and going to camp was the highlight of summer. Join Husk Brooms in this 3 hour

workshop learning a new craft but honoring old crafts too.


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All Hands welcomes you to a day of craftsmanship and creativity on the picturesque grounds of Fallen Aspen Farm. Join us for an immersive, all day workshop where you'll learn the traditional craft of broom making and spoon carving. Nestled in the serene countryside, Fallen Aspen Farm offers the perfect backdrop for a day dedicated to exploring traditional crafts.


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Participants will receive 10% off at Shadyside Nursery!

Upcoming Sold Out Classes

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Sold out!

June 20th 6-9 PM

Sold out!

More to come... stay tuned!

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